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House Ryger of Willow Wood is a noble house from Willow Wood in the Riverlands. They blazon their arms with a weeping willow, green on white.

The current lord of Willow Wood is young Tristan Ryger, the only son of late Malliard Ryger and his wife Lysa.

Important Events

Third Era

During the Spring Without Sun, the Riverlands suffered greatly from the torrential rains, House Ryger was no exception.

An afternoon on their way home, Lord Malliard and Lady Lysa and their eldest daughter Gwenys were caught but a terrible mudslide, which left Gwenys the only survivor of the accident, thus leaving Gwenys, Sarya and a barely one year old Tristan orphaned.

Their grandmother was named regent but passed away a year later, leaving a teen Gwenys to become the Lady Regent until her brother comes of age.

Fifth Era

Ser Reynard Ryger left Willow Wood for a time to serve in the Faith MIlitant in his pursuit of glory. After the Divine Company was disbanded thanks to Queen Danae and King Damon's intervention, Ser Raynard attempted to return to Willow Wood. If not for Tristan's request to have his uncle return to Willow Wood, Gwenys would have denied it and left her uncle on the road.

Eight Era

Gwenys, at the news of the the civil war led by Lord Bracken against House Frey, chose to ask Lord Tully for his advice regarding the matter as her education lacked in counseling Tristan in what to do with such matters and her lack of trust with letting her uncle led the Ryger's men at arms. During the Rygers' stay at Riverrun, Gwenys befriended Celia Tully, as young Tristan befriended Mathis Tully. Gwenys was betrothed to the Tully heir at Lord Benedict Tully's suggestion, despite not getting along well with her fiancee. This lasted until Mathis lost his life to Bracken's soldiers.

Notable Members

  • Lord Malliard Ryger, deceased + Lady Lysa, deceased
    • Gwenys Ryger (490 AC)
    • Sarya Ryger (498 AC)
    • Lord Tristan Ryger (503 AC)
  • Ser Reynard Ryger, brother to Malliard