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House Tarth rules Tarth, a beautiful island northeast of Shipbreaker Bay that controls the Straits of Tarth between the island and mainland Westeros. They are one of the main houses sworn to House Connington of Storm's End.

The lords of Tarth are styled 'The Evenstar' after the ancient kings. The current Evenstar is Selwyn of Tarth.

Seat: Evenfall Hall

Evenfall Hall is located on the western coast of the isle of Tarth, beside magnificent blue waterfalls the crach into Shipbreaker Bay below. The marble mined on the island has been used to create a visually stunning castle.

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Important Events

First Era

House Tarth backed Orys Connington during the Ascent against the Baratheons.

Second Era

The youngest son of Lord Selwyn the Evenstar, Quentyn of Tarth, was granted a position in King Damon Lannister's kingsguard. Being amongst his Orys'initial supporters, House Tarth was not required to send a ward to Storms End as many other Houses were.

Several member of the house participated in the Tournament of the Vale.

Third Era

Fourth Era

Fifth Era

Lord Selwyn sent his second son, Galladon of Tarth, to command their House's forces and join Orys Connington and Corliss Caron in retaking Nightsong during the Nightsong Conflict. Simon of Tarth, Galladon's nephew and squire was knighted for his service following the conflict.

Sixth Era

Seventh Era

With Lord Selwyn's health steadily on the decline, his eldest son, Endrew of Tarth, began acting as regent.

Many members of the House were amongst the attending knights at the Tourney at Blackhaven, including Simon and Galladon. Upon Durran Dondarrion's death, Endrew ordered his kin back to Evenfall Hall, fearing the worst could soon come.

Eighth Era

Galladon of Tarth ignored his elder brother and instead remained at Blackhaven, pledging his support to Uthor Dondarrion. He was eventually sent home by Uthor in an attempt to garner support from the rest of House Tarth. The attempt failed. Endrew imprisoned Galladon both for disobeying him and in order to ensure he didn't run back to rejoin the Dondarrions. Afterwards, Endrew led many members of House Tarth to Grinffins Roost for the funeral of Alyn Connington. Simon Tarth spoke out against Orys Connington after the Lord Paramount used the event to declare Uthor and his supporters guilty of treason. He was the only one to do so and even snuck into the ravenry to send a warning to Blackhaven, with the help of his aunt, Jeyne Buckler.

Endrew captained the Tarth Fleet in the name of Lord Orys during the Sacking of Oniontown, he was then sent Arthur Connington and a force made up of mostly Connington, Morrigens and Errols to do the same at Rain House. Meanwhile, Jeyne took Simon on as her sworn sword. Whilst traveling to Bronzegate, she surprised him when she revealed that they needed to split up, and she required that Simon return to Evenfall Hall and facilitate the freeing of Galladon. Jeyne's plan was a success, however Galladon assume control once free and convinced Simon to assist him in staging a coup in the castle. The two were successful in taking control from Endrew's castellan and cousin, Cadwyn of Tarth. They declared Evenfall Hall for Uthor's cause and began raising the levies of the island. The Tarth Fleet was caught in a winter storm while sailing through the Straits. They lost nearly a third of their strength, and were forced to seek refuge on Tarth. Once they reached Evenfall Hall however, they found the gates closed and Galladon and Simon inside with their fresh levies.

Notable Members