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House Umber is one of the principle vassals of House Stark, wardens of the North. The Umber sigil is a roaring giant, brown-haired and wearing a skin, with broken silver chains, on flame-red. They make their seat at last hearth. The Umbers are hardy people, tempered by the rough northern climate. They control the harsh land along the Bay of Seals, south of the New Gift and extending west to the kingsroad - a place of wild hills and ancient forests of oak and pine. Their lands include the northern Last River and the Lonely Hills. The kingsroad runs along the western marches of Umber territory for a hundred leagues. Most of their land is east of the kingsroad, but the Umbers graze their sheep in the high meadows of the northern mountains in summer. Their words are "No Chains Can Bind Us"


Brandon Umber (patriarch-Deceased)

Forrest Umber (Eldest son-Deceased)

Gareth Umber (Second son-Former exile to Essos, Current Lord of Last Hearth)

Randyll Umber (Third son-Usurper of Lords seat-Deceased)

Jon "Halfjon" Umber (Fourth and youngest son-Member of Kingsguard-Deceased)

Talisa Umber (Lone daughter of the Umbers)