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House Wylde of Rain House is a noble house from Cape Wrath in the Stormlands. It is a principal house sworn to Storm's End; the Durrandons, Baratheons and then Conningtons. They are currently independent and sided with House Dondarrion in their rebellion.

The current lord of Rain House is Barristan Wylde.


Rain House is the seat of House Wylde. It is sometimes referred to as The Rain House. It is located on the end of the peninsula of Cape Wrath, sitting at the eastern border of the Rainwood.


The castle, town and sept are situated upon the cliffs overlooking Shipbreaker Bay. Within the cliffs there are caves when the tide is low, which are visited by both smallfolk and the noble family.

Important Events

Prior to the First Era

House Wylde has, for as long as history has been recorded in the Stormlands, been sworn to the Durrandon Storm Kings, and then later the Baratheons.

Throughout the years, House Wylde has remained under the radar in the political sphere of Westeros for the most part.

There have been some notable members of House Wylde; Lord Jasper Wylde (known as the Ironrod) served as master of laws during the reigns of Viserys I and Aegon II, and Ser Willem Wylde, a member of King Daeron II's Kingsguard.

First Era

During the Ascent of the Lion, Rain House sided with their liege lords, the Baratheons. After their loss, Lord Barristan Wylde bent the knee to the new Lord Paramount, Orys Connington, and his new King and Queen in the capital.

Third Era

In 502 AC, Lord Barristan sent his son Lancel, a boy of seven, to serve as ward and hostage in Storm's End for their part in siding with the Baratheons (his heir, Jon, was at the time sick, and unable to travel.) Lancel drowned on the crossing of Shipbreaker Bay, and no further arrangements were made to send a hostage.

Eighth Era

The majority of House Wylde attended the Tourney of Blackhaven to celebrate the birth of a grandson to Lord Uthor Dondarrion, as well as to arrange a betrothal for one or more of their children to other Houses in attendance. After the murder of Durran Dondarrion, Lord Barristan betrothed his eldest daughter to the second son (now eldest son) of Lord Uthor, and pledged his support to him in the rebellion against Lord Orys Connington.

After the Sacking of Oniontown the refugees escaped to Rain House and were taken in by House Wylde, among them the last living member of House Seaworth, Myranda. While the men prepared for war, the women and children of the house were sent to the safety of Blackhaven until war's end, due to it's position and defense.

Members of House Wylde

Council & Household of House Wylde

  • Ser Byron Storm, Captain of the Guard
  • Maester Gawen
  • Septa Leonette
  • Casper, master-of-ships
    • Harwyn, a sailor
  • Ser Damon Kellington, castellan
  • Ronnet, spymaster
  • Lewys, septon of Rain House
  • Osney Waters, a sailor
  • Ryon Sand, a sailor
  • Rickard, a sailor

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Trivia from the Writer

  • In early posts, Jon Wylde's ship is called Goldenheart but then, mere posts later, it becomes The Green Queen. This is because I was a fool and forgot what I named things.
  • Similar to the above, the master-of-ships is named Criston in early posts, but is later called Casper. Criston is then used for the name of Lord Barristan's late older brother. You'd think I'd learn to write things down.
  • Originally, Barristan and Armand were going to have a sister until I realized how close my family structure was getting to House Stark in the books -- oldest son dies, second son becomes lord suddenly, etc etc etc. I made up for it by making Barry have a boatload of daughters.
  • The Wylde daughters are loosely based on Little Women and the daughters from Pride & Prejudice.