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Hugo is the son of the current Knight of Ninestars and the squire for Commander Kym Egen of the Brotherhood of Winged Knights.


Eighth Era

While residing at the Gates of the Moon with the Arryn court, Hugo began assisting Ser Egen in the daily training of Lord Theon Arryn, a boy one year his junior. Theon began to idolize Hugo and the other squires of the Winged Knights, desiring to befriend them. Hugo tolerated Theon.

During the Sunderland's Rebellion, Hugo joined the Arryn host, continuing to squire for Ser Egen who was amongst the army's leadership. He continued training Theon during this time and during the Sacking of Sisterton, Hugo challenged a rogue sisterman who overpowered him and planned to kill. Theon came to his aid, distracting the man long enough for Kym Egen to kill the sisterman and save them both. Hugo and Theon began to become true friends after the incident.