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Jason Hill is the bastard son of Lord Stafford Sarwyck, and brother to Cellador and Laena Sarwyck. He currently serves as his fathers squire.


Jason is a little short for his age, with his father's blue-green eyes and the dusty-brown hair of his mother. He often wears shirts and tunics in Sarwyck red, with a pale silver cloak often draped over his shoulders.

He is often covered in dirt, and smells of horses, due to his penchant of hanging around the stables of Riverspring assisting with the care of the horses.


Jason was born to Stafford Sarwyck and an unknown woman in 496 AC. His father, (ever one to take responsibility for his actions, good or ill) took the boy in and raised him alongside his trueborn children, much to the ire of his wife, Shiera Westford.

Recently, he has started to serve as his father's squire, and entertains thoughts of joining the Kingsguard later in life.