Jeyne Wylde (Lonmouth)

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Not to be confused with Jeyne Wylde, daughter of Lord Barristan Wylde. This article is about Jeyne Lonmouth, wife of Ser Armond Wylde.

Jeyne Wylde (née Lonmouth) was a member of House Wylde through marriage. She was the wife of Ser Armond Wylde, and mother of Meredyth and Edric Wylde.


Born in 475 AC to a minor branch of House Lonmouth. Jeyne met and fell in love with Ser Armond and married in 495 AC when his brother became Lord of Rain House.

She disliked her husband's bastard he fathered prior to their marriage, and even their meeting, and did her best to distance herself from him -- though, as her goodsister, Lady Jocelyn, insisted on his being raised in Rain House, she was powerless to do much.

In 499 AC she gave birth to their daughter, Meredyth, and in 501 AC their son, Edric. Through her, their children developed an uneasy and strained relationship with their bastard half-brother.

in 508 AC Jeyne fell ill and was unable to be treated. Her death is recorded as a wasting sickness by Maester Gawen.

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