Jezhene Naqqan

Jezhene is the older sister of Great Master Azzak zo Naqqan and member of the Naqqan slaving family in Meereen.

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Jezhene was born the oldest child and only daughter of Great Master Larraq zo Naqqan and Kezmya Naqqan. She grew up in the luxury of the Naqqan pyramid along with her younger brothers, Azzak and Maezon.

Recent Events

Eighth Era

Azzak becomes Great Master after the untimely death of Larraq zo Naqqan. She starts visiting Dagon Greyjoy in order to get information out of him. She and her bothers meet with Great Mistress Elza Zhak to organize fights between their pit fighters including one between Orlos and Dagon, still going under the alas Lorren.

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