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Joanna Plumm is the daughter of Lady Cyrenna Plumm and Lord Ossifer Plumm, and was a handmaiden to Queen Danae Targaryen. She married Harlan Lannett in the fifth era and became the Lady of Nunn's Deep when his father was stripped of the title at King Damon's command. She later became a paramour of King Damon.


Joanna has yellow hair and is noted to be proficient in three languages, six instruments, sewing, painting, and singing. She and Ashara Lannister were girlhood companions during their childhood at the Rock.

Recent History

Fifth Era

Lady Cyrenna Plumm convinced King Damon Lannister to grant Joanna the position of handmaiden to Queen Danae Targaryen.

Joanna's snobbery toward the other handmaidens made her the Queen's least favorite of her ladies in waiting. After Meredyth Tyrell deliberately informed Queen Danae of Joanna's past relationship with Damon Lannister, the Plumm was sent to the Riverlands to marry Harlan Lannett.

Sixth Era

Joanna and Harlan returned to Nunn's Deep when Harlan's father was stripped of his titles at King Damon's command. Joanna was pregnant at the start of the sixth era.

Seventh Era

After the death of her daughter, Cynthea, Joanna began an affair with Damon Lannister through the exchange of letters carried by her brother, Edmyn Plumm. She later gave birth to Damon's son, Willem, though the bastard was believed to be the legitimate heir of Harlan Lannett.


"We all put up with things we don’t like to for the sake of our children."

“I don’t have honor, Joffrey, and I find that I have less and less need of it.”

"Proper words are for poets and flatterers. The Gods have no use for them."

"I was loyal to her. I kept her secrets- from my mother, from my father, from all the little mummers that came to knock at my door and offer me all my heart’s desires in exchange for just one. I could have told them about Talla. I could have told them about her insecurities, her moods, the gifts from Dorne, her unfaithfulness but I did not." - Joanna speaking to King Damon Lannister about Queen Danae Targaryen.

I never forget anything. A blessing and a curse, more for me than you, if you could believe it.

“Perhaps Lady Joanna is pretending, too. Yes, perhaps she’s a dragon pretending to be a princess.” - Joffrey Lydden

"Joanna is well bred and well educated, but it doesn’t matter how fine a child’s septa is, you can still be born stupid, and no maester can fix that." - Lady Jeyne Lannister speaking to Queen Danae Targaryen

“I didn’t choose Joanna. I never would have chosen Joanna. She’s completely insufferable.” - Queen Danae Targaryen

Family Members

Ossifer Plumm, father

Cyrenna Plumm, mother

Philip Plumm, brother

Edmyn Plumm, brother

Harlan Lannett, husband

Cynthea Lannett, daughter (deceased)

Byren Lannett, son

Willem Lannett, son