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Jocelyn Crakehall is the wife of Lyle Crakehall and the mother of Eon Crakehall. She is formerly of House Westerling.


Jocelyn often visited Casterly Rock to meet with her bethrothed, Lyle, and has many fond memories from the capital of the West.

Her closest childhood companion was Mina Swyft, who was a bad influence yet also acted as an older sister. One of their finest memories together, as Jocelyn remembers, was drunkenly attempting to steal one of Cyrenna Plumm's gowns on the night of Lady Rhya's name day feast.

Family Members

Lyle Crakehall, husband (deceased)

Eon Crakehall, son

Clarent Crakehall, son (deceased)

Tybolt Crakehall, son (deceased)

Shiera Crakehall, daughter (deceased)

Elys Westerling, brother

Rollam Westerling, nephew