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Jon Fossoway was the Lord of New Barrel before being sentenced to the Wall for trespassing in Dorne.

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He grew up in Highgarden, among the lords. He took a particular liking to combat. His brother, Sam would teach him and show him different techniques of fighting. He was married to Janna, who he loved dearly. He became a knight when he got older. This is when he starts exploring and travelling with other knights. It was all nice, up until his father passed away. When he died, he stated that he wanted Jon to be The Lord of New Barrel, to continue on his family legacy. Jon Fossoway is considered a very kind and honorable man by all of those he knows. He speaks with charisma, and faces his enemies with honor. He has Black Hair, and blue eyes. He carries a scar on his cheek from the Civil War, and wears the Fossoway apple on his shirt at all times.

Important Events

Third Era

After his lands were devasted by the flooding from the Spring Without Sun, Jon attempted to farm on Dornish lands. He was caught and captured by lords Arron Fowler and Trebor Yronwood, and taken to King's Landing.

Ser Eon Crakehall, Master of Laws, agreed to sentenced him to death in order to placate Sarella Martell and her lords, but secretly hatched a plan to have a Septon pardon Fossoway at the executioner's block and send him to the Wall instead.



Terrence Fossoway - Uncle, A Septon of the Seven.

Janna Fossoway - Wife, used to be Tyrell. Beautiful woman, kind.

Sam Fossoway(deceased) - Brother, trained Jon, was killed after the civil war.

Ron Fossoway(deceased) - Father, died recently of old age, passed New Barrel onto Jon.

Ben Flowers - Courier - Quick, delivers his letters, as Jon doesn't want a raven.

Jack Fossoway - Son - Shares his fathers charisma. Strives to be a knight.

Arrie Fossoway - Daughter - Loves the arts.