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Ser Jon Wylde is a member of House Wylde, and the only surviving son and heir to Rain House. He is the eldest child of Lord Barristan Wylde and his wife, Lady Jocelyn.


The eldest child born to Lord Barristan and Lady Jocelyn, his birth was celebrated across Cape Wrath and Rain House. From the moment he could walk he was getting into trouble in the castle and town, playing pranks and sneaking out. A natural born daredevil, and sailor from a young age.

His father gave him his ship, The Green Queen, upon his sixteenth name day.

Jon has fathered a bastard named Meryn on a dockside whore, and through his mother's insistence he's acknowledged the boy as his. Another woman in the town, the daughter of a fisherman, gave birth to a bastard daughter, Lyessa, after the Wyldes departed Rain House during the Civil War.