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Jonothor Roxton is the current head of House Roxton and Lord of the Ring.

Jonothor is seven-and-forty in 514 A.C. He sustained a wound during the War of the False King that has effectively crippled him. He can walk well enough, but is pained if he has to exert himself. He is now a weary administrator of his lands and the jewellers in House Roxton’s service.


Born the second son of Lord Mace Roxton, Jonothor was not originally meant to inherit his family seat. However, in 479 A.C, his elder brother, Arthur, left for Oldtown to take up a Maester's chain, leaving Jonothor as heir.

He married Bethany Peake in 487 A.C, and the couple has had six children together.

Recent Events

Eighth Era

Jon travels from the Ring to Oldtown with his family to attend a Ball held by Lady Ashara Lannister. Due to his old wound, he remains in a wheelhouse for the majority of the journey south from the Ring.

Whilst there, he visits his brother, Arthur, and learns of Lord Tyrell's issues with Garth Bulwer. Whilst at a meal with the Tyrell's, he and his eldest daughter, Margaery, offer him their aid, despite concerns.

Whilst at the Ball, he dances with his wife, who was concerned about Jonothor's and Margaery's plotting with Lord Tyrell.

He also spoke with Lord Oldflowers about a betrothal between the man and his daughter, Margaery.

Later, after returning to the Ring after the ball, he recieved a letter from Olyvar Tyrell, inviting his daughter, Jocelyn, to serve as a handmaiden to his wife, Melessa Tyrell.

He journeyed to Highgarden with both Jocelyn and Margaery. Whilst on the journey, they stopped at an inn, 'The Blue Orphan'.

Whilst at Highgarden he assisted Olyvar with perperations for the meeting with the Dornish over the trade deal. At the meeting proper, he granted his family's blade, Orphan-Maker, to his son and heir, Renly.