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Joseph Baratheon was brother to King Harys Baratheon. He served as the King’s Master of Laws and right hand man until he was slain by Damon Lannister.


Joseph was born and raised at Storm's End. When Joseph came of age, King Harris appointed him Lord of the Baratheon's seat. Like most of his house, Joseph was a large man, standing muscular at six foot six with shoulder-length black hair, a short beard, and blue eyes. Joseph was the father of Patrek Baratheon, a hedge knight.

Joseph's weapon of choice was a large two-handed sword named Antler. Using his blade, Joseph was said to be able to cut men in half with one swing. He was described as an honorable man with a kind heart but a quick temper.

Important Events

First Era

Joseph was in King's Landing at the time of the sack. He rallied the Gold Cloaks against the Lannister host, knowing that his cause was doomed and his men were greatly outnumbered. He fought Damon Lannister in one to one combat and was decapitated in two blows after breaking the Lannister's arm and taking a wound to the back of his leg.


"Soldiers of King’s Landing! Lannister men are flooding our city! They will take our city… but we will not make their job so easy! We will die, but we will take them with us! Fight for glory! Fight for honor! Fight for the good of the realm! Let’s kill some fucking Lannisters!" - Joseph Baratheon

"I slew the King at the Kingswood... I chopped off his noble brother's head outside the Red Keep." - Damon Lannister


Renly Baratheon, brother (deceased)

Harys Baratheon, brother (deceased)

Cleos Baratheon, brother

Patrek Baratheon, son