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King Harys' Folly is a song which Beren Merryweather claims as his own, though few truly believe that he wrote it. The song gives the details of the events leading up to the sack of King's Landing.


The stag was smitten of the rose, so when she did go missing

He called his banners ‘gainst his foes, to counsel he did not listen

A Baratheon's heart is true and true but oft leads him astray

And that is why King Harys flew, with his whole army away

They marched in strength to find this flower, love blinding his reason

Believed his maiden in High Tower, suspecting lies and treason

But while they swarmed outside Old Town, and rallied at its gate

The lion, from his rock crept down; King Harys took the bait

By land and sea his foes they poured, but they weren't unopposed

In their way a single lord, the brother of Dragonstone

Though he knew the city sacked, the stag raised Antler high

The Baratheon bear, strong and brave, was unafraid to die

The brother fought but he was slain, caught in lions jaws

The King continued to search in vain, for his rose, his Lady Maude

The landing fell, a king was crowned, before sun could rise again

The throne was bloodied, a corpse was found, so ended Blackfyre reign

But twas the plan (though few had known, how masterfully it was done!)

For there upon the Iron Throne, the lion placed his son