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The Kingswood Children are remnants of Harys Baratheon's army, Reach soldiers, and Sellswords gone rogue after the outcome of The Battle of the Kingswood.

Notable Members

  • Dorcas, Leader of the Children
  • Red, Veteran of the Children, Ex-Soldier
  • Plum, Member

Beren's Kidnapping

Early spring the Children ambushed Lord Bonifer Tarly and his party of retainers with a shower of arrows in the Kingswood. In a matter of minutes killed two retainers, injured Tyro and took Beren Merryweather hostage. It would be one of their last and most successful robbings.

The Hunt for the Children

  • This will describe the battle (which has not taken place yet. I don't want all of them dead guys! so write some running away to give the next people that want to have Bandits in the Kingswood something to work off of! Specifically you can't kill Red guys, I'm taking him prisoner. I do encourage you to make your own enemies to fight or use others that Beren has created!)