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The Kingswood Cloaks are a small policing garrison that governs and maintains order in the Kingswood, to ensure the safety of travellers and more importantly, inhibit the further formation of bandit groups. Members of King's Landing's City Watch, refugees from the Spring Without Sun, and former soldiers of the Golden Company make up the order's ranks.

Their leader is titled the Warden of Kingswood. Ser Jory Hill currently holds the appointment.

Recent History

Third Era

After the routing of the Kingswood Children, Lord Eon Crakehall founded the Kingswood Cloaks to protect the Kingswood from future unrest and unlawfulness. Near the end of the third era, the garrison settled into several encampments; led dutifully by Ser Jory Hill.

Fourth Era

By the outset of the fourth era, the Kingswood Cloaks had actively begun seeking out the last remnants of the Kingswood Children.

Sixth Era

The Kingswood Cloaks petitioned the Crown for more cloaks.

Notable Members

Ser Jory Hill, Warden of the Kingswood, former goldcloak and Lannisport soldier.