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Leana, formerly of House Whitehead, is a member of House Dondarrion and is the widow of Ser Durran Dondarrion. She mothered two of the Dondarrion heir's children before his death at the Tourney of Blackhaven.


Leana grew up in House Whitehead's seat, Weeping Town with her brothers Lyonel and Hyle. She did not like Weeping Town with its emphasis on death and Silent Sisters. House Dondarrion approached the Whiteheads with a marriage proposal, and Leana was wed to Ser Durran Dondarrion, the heir to Blackhaven.

Leana's union with Durran produced a daughter, Faye, and then a son, Beric.

Important Events

Eighth Era

The Tourney of Blackhaven was held to celebrate the birth of Leana's son, Beric, as he represented the future of the house. During the festivities, Durran and Leana enjoyed seats of honor and were paraded about in front of the rest of the stormlands.

Leana helped her husband don his armor to compete in the tourney. She watched from the stands as Durran defeated foe after foe, until he reached the finals. She was present, along with her young daughter and infant son, when Durran was struck down by the defeated Alyn Connington.

A widow, Leana remained with the Dondarrions in Blackhaven. She continued on loving her husband long after his death, speaking of him admiringly, and sometimes speaking as though he were present and still alive. She dotes over her children, but continues to fixate on Durran, often visiting his tomb and caressing the face of the stone figure that bears his likeness.

Now, Leana has the reputation of a widow driven mad with grief. She's grown thin, and the servants and smallfolk speak of her sobbing and wailing keeping half the castle up at night. Some call her the Weeping Widow of Blackhaven.


“Leana wanted to be wed. Be it to a good person or not. She wanted to leave Weeping Town." Lyonel Whitehead

Leana had always been prone to morose moods, and hers had been a horrible loss. Devan Whitehead

And before long he’d have a cruel nickname like they’d given Leana. The Weeping Widow. Maldon wished he could fault them, but he, too, had been woken in the night by the echoing of her cries as she wandered the halls. A ghost, haunting Blackhaven but still alive. A babe still suckling at her breast. Maldon Dondarrion

How could it be that the woman had been truly radiant only months before? She had gone from one of the most beautiful, glowing women Denys had ever seen to a quivering skeleton. Denys Mertyns

Family Members

[Durran Dondarrion], husband

  • Faye Dondarrion, daughter
  • Beric Dondarrion, son

Lyonel Whitehead, brother

Hyle Whitehead, brother

Devan Whitehead, father

Uthor Dondarrion, father by marriage

Corenna Dondarrion, sister by marriage

Maldon Dondarrion, brother by marriage

Ashara Dondarrion, sister by marriage

Baldric Dondarrion, brother by marriage