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Leonese Waters is one of the bastards of Robert Velaryon. She is considered to be the most martially skilled of the Tides after taking up arms to spite her father. She is a woman of little words, with cropped silver spun hair and hard chisled features. She stands taller than most men,and wields a Bastard Sword, which her sister ironically named 'Father's Gift."


Born to the daughter of a minor branch of House Darry, Leonesse was too highborn to be ignored by Lord Robert. She grew up a lonely child with only her sister Velaena as a friend. She was unusually tall and strong for her age and mocked by the other children as 'the Sow' due to her build. When she was 8 years old, she saw her brother training under Ser Ryman and demanded to be allowed to train as well.

The knight refused and after she continued to ask, informed her father, who laughed and said: "If she wants to fight, give her a sword that fits her birth." In an effort to insult her enough to stop pestering Ser Ryman, she was given a castle forged bastard sword.

This did not dissuade her, and she went on with determination, becoming one of Driftmark's deadliest swordspeople. She eventually became the Master at Arms of Hull, serving under her sister, to whom she has a great deal of loyalty.