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Leowyn Cuy is the current Head of House Cuy as well as the Lord of Sunhouse. He is married to Denyse Beesbury and has three children with her: Alesander, Quincy and Robyn who are all either knights or striving towards knighthood.


Leowyn grew up in Sunhouse amongst other younger siblings. Sometime before he inherited the lordship from his father, Leowyn fought in the Second Greyjoy Rebellion, gaining a hatred for the Ironborn in the process. He married Denyse Beesbury in order to forge stronger ties between Sunhouse and Honeyholt. As time went on despite having three children between them the marriage proved to be a stressful and loveless one. Leowyn is a man you constantly strives for perfection and to maintain the reputation of his house even if that meant forcing his will and ideals onto his children.

Recent Events

First Era

Leowyn fights alongside the Hightower host in order to dethrone House Tyrell from paramountcy during the Ascent of the Lion. During his absence his wife Denyse gives birth to his youngest child, a son named Robyn.

Fourth Era

Leowyn again takes the side of his liege, Gylen Hightower who decides to breakaway from the Realm and declare himself King of the Reach. This leads into the War of the False King. Leowyn with his eldest son, Alesander call the banners and march off to war.

Eighth Era

Leowyn has grown sickly and weak due to the ongoing blight. Still he rules Sunhouse and the Town of Cuy with an iron fist. After hearing of his youngest child's latest shenanigans, he calls Robyn into his office to lecture him before telling him of his plans to send the boy to Oldtown to serve as a squire to a knight sworn to the Hightowers.


“Do you plan on curing the blight with those tears?” - Leowyn, mocking his youngest son Robyn for crying in front of him.