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Loras Corbray is the Lord of Heart's Home and an experienced knight of the Vale. He came into his lordship after defeating his brother Waldon in a trial of seven, the first in several hundred years.


Loras is the second son of the late Lord Halder Corbray of Heart's Home. His father adored Loras, and was willing to hire a knight to live on his land in order for Loras to be his page and eventually his squire when he was a child.

After he became a knight, he proved to be a fine warrior and served his father loyally, while his brother went on the frequent trip to a tavern here or a brothel there. This made Loras his father's favorite child, and it brought sadness to his father that he would not pass his lands and his title to him. Because of this, Lord Halder gave the Valyrian Steel longsword Lady Forlorn to Loras when he was knighted. Waldon took offense to being passed over his family's ancestral sword and grew some resentment toward his brother, but mostly toward his father.

Important Events

Sixth Era

Loras ended an expedition to Snakewood early when he got word that his father had taken seriously ill, and would not likely survive. After discovering that his brother Waldon murdered his father by poison, Loras left Heart's Home in the middle of the night for the Eyrie to seek the aid of Nathaniel Arryn in the matter. He would return to the seat of his House with Ronnel Royce and some force to further investigate the matter.

Loras was determined to bring his brother to justice. With the help of Ronnel Royce, Loras was able to bring his brother to trial at the Eyrie. During the trial, Waldon Corbray demanded a trial by combat, to which Loras responded with the demand of a trial of seven. Loras was successful in defeating his brother and become Lord of Heart's Home thereafter.


"Your brother has more than not put his family above his own desires, and I can assure you this gave him more pleasure than dazzling any fair maids or impressing a high lord at a tournament." - Septa Maerie

Family Members

Halder Corbray, father (deceased)

Waldon Corbray, brother

Gwin Corbray, sister