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Loreza Gargalen formerly of House Ladybright is a lady of House Gargalen, wife to the late Perros Gargalen. She has five children one in which is the current Lady of Salt Shore, Obara Gargalen.



She grew up in a very minor and distant branch of House Ladybright. Loreza married Perros Gargalen out of love and had five children with them. She's determined to make her daughters perfect ladies which went very well against her husband's very liberal views.

Recent Events

Eighth Era

Loreza loses her husband, Perros Gargalen, her eldest daughter, Obara becomes Lady of Salt Shore. She travels to Starfall along with her two daughters, Obara and Ravella to attend talks in regards to trading with the Reach. She discovers Obara's affair with Eustace Toland and suggests that her daughter marry the lord in order to achieve happiness, however Obara declines as she doesn't want to give up her seat. Once they returned to Salt Shore, Ravella falls ill and suffers a miscarriage.


"There is no time for ‘What Ifs’, there’s only time for now. You must keep your promise that you’ve made. Look straight ahead for the prize or you will fail." - Lady Loreza to her daughter, Obara in regards to the trade talks with House Dayne.

“It was a great pleasure to work beside House Dayne once more, you and your sister both are two very capable young ladies, I can tell.” - Lady Loreza addressing both Arianne and Ashara Dayne.

"They were different and had different views. Lady Loreza was a strange woman, her conservative views were vastly different to those of the rest of Dorne, including the family she helped Perros create. Obara never knew why she was like this." - Obara thinking about her mother's strange views.

“You know that you would have to one of these days and you’re better off marrying someone you truly care about rather than some stranger. You’re close to twenty and five Obara! Time will run out.” - Lady Loreza trying to convince Obara to marry.