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Lucifer is the heir of Darlessa Blackmont, the ruling lady of Blackmont.


Lucifer was the second son of Darlessa Blackmont and her eldest trueborn. He always resented his bastard brother for being born first. He was never fostered anywhere as a child due to his difficult nature and was known to torment his siblings growing up. There are rumours that he poisoned and murdered all his sister's paramours out of spite. He was also known for keeping a large collection of snakes, and often used their venom for recreational purposes.

During the war of the New Princes, Lucifer joined his father and served under Martyn Dayne, taking part at the battle of Orange Coast.

Later he married an Uller of Hellholt, and became a father to two children. He also fought in the Dorne civil war on the side of Princess Sarella Martell against his cousin Trebor Yronwood and Prince Andrey.

Important Events

Eighth Era

Lucifer was challenged by his sister's Lyseni paramour, Lysono to a drinking competition which eventually led to Lysono's death. Despite pleading innocence his mother took away his collection of pet snakes.

He was later sent to Starfall to represent Blackmont interests in the trade negotiation between Dorne and the Reach. He was instructed by his mother to "be himself." He then proceeded to stall weeks of progress, angering other lords and merchants alike, he expressed how unfair the negotiations were to his family and convinced Arianne Dayne to keep his brother Vorian at Starfall, so he could better represent Blackmont interests. He also caused some trouble for Eustace Toland and Obara Gargelan, misleading the two lovers into thinking Eustace was also having an affair with Lady Ashara Dayne.

Returning home, he was chided by his mother for causing trouble with Lord Toland and Lady Gargelan. Realizing someone in his family must've exposed him he tormented his younger brother, Micheal, just in case it was him.

He and Lady Arianne exchanged letters, finishing the minor details of the trade negotiations, sealing the deal with a marriage pact between Vorian and Ashara Dayne.

Much later, a catspaw was hired to enter his chambers and tried to assassinate him. Lucifer was able to disarm him with the help of his wife and questioned him.

He returned to Starfall to honor the marriage pact only to discover that Ashara had fled Starfall. He later agreed to his wife's suggestion marry Vorian to lady Arianne instead.


Darlessa Blackmont, mother

Vorian Blackmont, brother

Micheal Blackmont, brother

Elia Blackmont, Sister

Myriah Blackmont, Sister

Daario Sand, bastard brother

Helicent Blackmont, wife

Daemon Blackmont, son

Lucinda Blackmont, daughter


  • Despite being only an heir and a knight he prefers to be called a Lord.
  • He sometimes likes to correct people that he's "Ser Lucifer" if they refer to him as a lord.
  • His favourite child is Lucinda, not his heir.
  • He likes putting snake venom in his drinks.
  • He also likes to to have venom injected via snake bite. Although he makes sure they are drained of most of their venom, so their bites are less lethal. Having a whole dose can be deadly.
  • According to Lucifer, snake venom when put in drinks is not that dangerous, it just tastes unpleasant. In fact, lots of Dornish enjoy a drop of snake venom to spice their food.