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Luconis Antaryon is heir to House Antaryon and a Keyholder for the Iron Bank of Braavos.


As many Braavosi are wont to do, Luconis spent his youth dueling in the streets of the city during the hours of darkness, or seeking the attentions of courtesans by moonlight. The war with Lys saw him mature, and during his time spent sailing with the Braavosi fleet he saw his brother slain by sellswords within the Black Walls of Volantis.

Upon his return to the city, he cast aside his bravo’s blade and instead resolved to take the mantle of heir to the House of Antaryon. He thus began to serve as a financier in employ to the Iron Bank, and with his father’s advancing senility saw bestowed upon him the title of Keyholder.

Recent History

Eighth Era

Alongside his duties as Keyholder, Luconis was tasked with uncovering the perpetrators of a robbery from the Corvis Vault, an Iron Bank repository within the city of Braavos.


"In truth, Qos Morio reminded Luconis of his own youth spent dueling in darkened alleys out of the reach of the city watch, or clambering across the rooftops from one lover to another. But that had been before the war. It was in the past."

"[Luconis] did not like to pause in his dictations - not least when it meant dwelling upon his failures."

Family Members

Ravello Antaryon, father

Unnamed, brother (deceased)