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Lyanna is the wife of the late James Arryn and mother of Theon Arryn, future Lord Paramount of the Vale. She is also the eldest sister of Jojen Stark the Lord Paramount of the North and Lord of Winterfell.

Recent History

First Era

After her husband was poisoned by Emmon Baelish at the Tourney of Harrenhal, Lyanna returned pregnant to the Eyrie where she stayed, devastated and in mourning.

Second Era

Lyanna gave birth to James' son and named him Theon Arryn.

Third Era

During the Tournament of the Hand, Lyanna traveled to King's Landing with her son in honor of her brother in law, Nathaniel Arryn

Fourth Era

While in King's Landing, Lyanna decided to leave for Winterfell instead of returning to the Vale. She had hoped not only to avoid her marriage to Dake Arryn but also to see her family again. Upon her returned she found her family in disarray. Shortly upon her return, her youngest brother Symeon had returned home, reuniting all the living Starks.

Fifth Era

Jojen had decided to have a feast to honor both House Bolton and House Umber and celebrate the restoration of their families' lands. Androw Manderly, who was on this way to Winterfell for the feast, had sent word for Lyanna to meet him and there they rekindled their friendship. Eventually, their friendship had developed into more, as it had when they were younger and the two eloped in secret. When Queen Danae landed in Winterfell, she informed Jojen that Lyanna was to marry Olyvar Bolton. When Lyanna told Jojen of her secret marriage, he told her it was invalid and that she would be wed to Olyvar in a triple Stark ceremony the following morning. Shortly after marriage Lyanna was found out to be pregnant, even though Olyvar and Lyanna had a very asexual relationship. Lyanna later died in childbirth following tumble down a set of stairs. She left behind a son named Warne, who was later revealed to Bethany Bolton to be of Manderly descent.


"That's Lyanna. I'm surprised Theon isn't with her. A lovely woman, and a dear friend. I've spent much time with her and you couldn't ask for a better conversationalist. We all love her dearly." - Elyssa Arryn


James Arryn, husband (deceased)

Edmure Stark , brother (deceased)

Jojen Stark, brother

Symeon Stark, brother 

Ysela Stark , Sister

Theon Arryn, son