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Lymond Lychester is the Lord of Castle Lychester and the Head of his house, as well as a father and husband.


Lord Lymond Lychester was born as the first son and heir to the old Lord Lychester, his mother being a strong woman of house Grell. Lymond had two brothers growing up, but no sisters. He became a squire to the Lord of Lolliston. He finished his education on odd terms with the man, but returned home with the title he had set out for.

Lymond married young with a woman from house Blanetree. As a member of a large family, she passed on the tradition and bore Lymond four children, of which three were boys. When Lymond’s youngest brother died in an accident, he left a wife and one son and one daughter, who Lymond and his wife Bess took care of, and they raised the boy with their own.

During the Ascent of the Lion and the burning of the Riverlands, Lymond expressed a will to fight. He went back on his word though, after spending some time with his wife and young children, choosing instead to stay on the defensive.

Important events

Sixth Era


  • Lymond Lychester, Head of House Lychester, Lord of Castle Lychester. Born in 467 AC.
    • Bess Lychester (née Blanetree), Lady of House Lychester. Born in 470 AC.
      • Lyonel Lychester, First Son, Heir to Castle Lychester. Born in 489 AC.
      • Lucas Lychester, Second Son. Born in 491 AC.
      • Myles Lychester, Third Son. Born in 493 AC.
      • Alys Lychester, First Daughter. Born in 495 AC.
  • Lyman Lychester, Second Brother. Born in 469 AC.
    • Danelle Lychester (née Staunton). Born in 472 AC.
      • Lymond Lychester, First Son. Born in 490 AC.
      • Maddy Lychester, First Daughter. Born in 493 AC.
  • Marq Lychester, Third Brother. Born in 474 AC, Deceased in 502 AC.
    • Lanna Lychester (née Wayn), Widow to Marq Lychester. Born in 474 AC.
      • Willem Lychester, First Son. Born in 494 AC.