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Maldon Dondarrion is a member of House Dondarrion and is the second son of Lord Uthor, and brother of Durran, Corenna, Baldric, and Ashara. Sickly in his childhood, Maldon is the frailest male in the Dondarrion line and puts most of his interest towards his studies. He is currently betrothed to Bethany Wylde

Eighth Era

Maldon looked forward to competing in the Tourney of Blackhaven, but was barred from competing by his father due to the fact that Maldon was frail and inexperienced. In an attempt to prove himself, he trained rigorously and entered as a mystery knight. He was swiftly defeated, however, by Willem Estermont.

He met Bethany Wylde during this time, bonding over their more intellectual interests.


“The lad is smart, but it’s served him little and his house less. He was ready to cast off the family name in exchange for a chain. And it seems I may as well have let him.” Uthor Dondarrion

He had to admit, he hadn’t paid much attention to the younger Dondarrion at Blackhaven, not when Durran had effortlessly outshined him and Corenna had been so distracting. Maldon seemed made for fitting into others’ shadows. Willas Estermont

“You saw this in him from the beginning. How ill he was as a babe. And I, I saw his intelligence from the very first lesson. The first lesson, I came straight to you after and told you his place was the Citadel. But you insisted he be a warrior like you, like Durran. Like he was never meant to be. With a mind like he’s got, Maldon might have become a Grand Maester one day. Instead, you doom him to mediocrity. You push him to train, but deny him the chance to prove himself... Were I you, I would be proud of him. He’s kind and good and wise and sharp as Valyrian steel. His intellect is his hope, his joy. Without our lessons, it will wither on the vine.” Maester Howland