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Mallor Sand is a bastard of House Martell. He and his brothers are dubbed the Bastard Scorpions.


Mallor was born in the year 279 AC to Aryyn Martell and Alyse, the daughter of a traveling merchant turned paramour. Throughout her travels, Alyse became very acquainted with the desert of Dorne. This knowledge was passed on to her first and only son Mallor, who took up his mother's passion for nature. Mallor was never legitimized by Lord Aryyn, however, his life as a bastard was much more leisurely than most. Like the highborn children of Dorne, Mallor was permitted to frolic and play in the Water Gardens, but he was given much more freedom than a true heir of Sunspear would be.

Throughout his teen years, Mallor spent much of his time in the deserts of Dorne with his mother. There he learned how to survive on only what the environment provided him. Mallor also learned how to combine the weapons of the desert with his own, learning how to draw poison from snakes and scorpions without harming himself. Mallor was also a natural with a spear, able to use it with pinpoint accuracy. Mallor has stayed in Sunspear, his home, but still frequently goes out to the desert to maintain his purity with nature as well as collect and add to his copious collection of poisons and healing herbs.

Important Events

Fifth Era

Mallor traveled with Andros Sand to Tyrosh and then on to Pentos. During their voyage, their ship was seized and Mallor was killed by Andrik Harlaw.

Family Members

Aryyn Martell, father (deceased)

Alyse, mother

Sarella Martell, half-sister

Trystane Sand, half-brother

Andrey Sand, half-brother

Maron Sand, half-brother


"Mallor wields a spear so deftly you'd think it was his third arm." – Sarella Martell