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Malwyn Oldflowers is the current head of House Oldflowers and lord of Castle Oldflowers.

He was born in 484 A.C., which makes him 27 years old. After his parents died fighting for House Tyrell during the War of the Ascent of the Lion and his sister died from a deadly illness, he is now the last remainder of the venerable old House, which is a descendant from the ancient House Gardener that once ruled over the Reach.

He is keen on restoring his family's glory and wealth, but the Spring without Sun and the Blight are causing him serious difficulties, especially after he was found to suffer from a hereditary disease that can cause attacks of dizziness and frailty up to full periods of unconciousness. All this alarmed him to take measures.

Recent Events

Malwyn is currently staying in Oldtown where the great Reach Ball is going to take place. There he hopes to find a spouse and form alliances.