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Maris Caron is the heir to Nightsong. She is the daughter of Lord Corliss Caron and Lady Cassana Connington. She currently resides in Storm's End with her mother.

Recent History

Eighth Era

Maris was born in Nightsong sometime after the Tourney of Blackhaven. The fall out of the events caused her parents' marriage to strain. She was brought over to Griffin's Roost to attend Alyn Connington's funeral where she met her grandfather, Orys Connington for the first time. Corliss had a discussion with Orys on his choice to remain neutral in the war which outraged both Orys and Cassana. Cassana stayed behind with Maris as Corliss was forced to go back to Nightsong without his daughter.

Cassana would become pregnant once more and move to Storm's End to safety with little Maris in toe. Maris would eventually learn how to talk and walk on her own and even throw violent tantrums.



“She’s a restless one, I believe she gets it from both of her parents. Don’t you agree?” - Septa Falena whilst talking to Cassana and Maris.