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Marwyn Morrigen is the lord of House Morrigen.


Marwyn was born the first son and second child to the Lord of House Morrigen. His father died when he was but seventeen, but he showed great intelligence and ruled successfully, first with the help of his mother and after her death, alone.

He has six siblings and twenty cousins, all with their own children and grandchildren. Many of these nephews and great-nephews he warded at his seat of Crow's Nest, including a young Uthor Dondarrion, the son of his elder sister.

He was fast friends with the Lord Connington, and warded too his son, Orys Connington. He was there when the many Griffins were cut down at Pyke during the Second Greyjoy Rebellion.

Recent History

Eighth Era

Lord Morrigen visited the Tourney at Blackhaven. Though he arrived belatedly due to a sickness, he was in time to witness Alyn Connington knock Uthor Dondarrion's heir, Durran, in the back of the head after losing a duel. Marwyn worked to keep the situation from turning violent, and urged Lord Orys to send his son away and out of reach from the Dondarrions.


"The Old Crow still carried himself with strength and pride, but even at first glance, there was a marked stiffness in him, his hair gone to gray." - Uthor Dondarrion's thoughts