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Maude Tyrell was the oldest daughter of Baelor Tyrell. King Harys Baratheon courted her and thought to make her his queen. Her kidnapping set off the chain of events leading to the War of the Ascent of the Lion.


Maude was the third child of Lord Baelor and Lady Alysanne. She was rumored to have an incestuous relationship with her older brother Troy Tyrell. She, Troy and Olyvar Tyrell were close throughout childhood.

Maude grew up in Highgarden, learning the ways of a noble lady. She was known for her beauty and her grace.

Recent History

First Era

King Harys Baratheon began courting Lady Maude after his feast celebrating the end of the year. The relationship angered the Martell family, adding tension to an already strained peace between the kingdoms. 

Maude was kidnapped by Lord Gylen Hightower and taken to Oldtown. She was later moved to King's Landing under the supervision of Robert Manderly, Commander of the Golden Company. While captive at the Red Keep, she became enamored with Ser Thaddius Lannister, despite the cruelty he showed her brother, Benjen and the facts of Troy's death.

Second Era

Maude confessed her love to Ser Thaddius and he rejected her. She later discovered she was to be wed to Robert Manderly after he was given Highgarden, in order to solidify his descendants claim. Maude committed suicide while still captive at the Red Keep, shortly after hearing the news.