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Melessa is the wife of Lord Olyvar Tyrell, and the Lady of Highgarden. She was born a Merryweather, the eldest daughter of Lord Owen Merryweather and his sixth wife. She is younger than Olyvar, closer to his sister Meredyth's age than his. 

Fifth Era

Melessa Merryweather was wed to the new Lord of Highgarden, Olyvar Tyrell. She fantasized about her future as the Lady of Highgarden, imaging how perfect everything would be. Once wed, however, Melessa quickly found herself in a loveless marriage and a crippled castle.

Melessa became pregnant despite her and her husband's rather loveless marriage. She later gave birth to a daughter, Elyana Tyrell.

Sixth Era

The Tyrells continued to attempt to produce a male heir for Highgarden. They were unsuccessful, instead only managing three failed pregnancies in a row and all girls.

Seventh Era

Melessa and Olyvar's relationship grew more and more strained, eventually causing the two to have a great deal of disdain for the other.

Melessa became pregnant for a fifth time. Following a small incident, Olyvar required she be confined to bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Despite the order, Melessa hosted both the Most Devout, as well as her goodsister, Meredyth Tyrell while Olyvar was away in Oldtown.

Eighth Era

Melessa decided to defy her husband's bedrest order further when she chose to attend the Lioness' Ball, an idea given to her by Meredyth who accompanied her to the ball. She gave birth to twins the night of the ball, a son and a daughter, although only the latter survived. The newborn girl was named Alysanne Tyrell. After an examination from a maester, Melessa was informed she would no longer be able to have children following the difficult labor.

The Tyrells returned to Highgarden and Melessa fell into a depression. Following the worsening of Winter, she was able to pull herself from it with the assistance of her children and Olyvar, to her great surprise. The couple grew closer as they worked to restore Highgarden and raise their children together. Melessa eventually took on Jocelyn and Margaery Roxton as handmaidens at Olyvar's urging. Melessa became suspicious of Margaery and Olyvar's relationship, yet remained silent in favor of the maintaining the bond she and Olyvar were starting to form. The resentment from earlier in their marriage resurfaced regardless, and while at Longtable for her brother's funeral, she confided these feelings in another brother, Jasper Merryweather. At his urging and following several interactions with Margaery, Melessa confronted Olyvar during a feast for House Dayne and the merchants who arrived for the trade negotiations. By the end of the night, Melessa was not only assured Olyvar did not care for Margaery, but that he was in love with Melessa herself. He revealed to her the truth of his past and she thanked him for finally trusting her with the knowledge. The two grew closer than ever before and worked together throughout the trade negotiations, Olyvar handling the deal itself and Melessa handling the hosting. It was at Melessa's urging Olyvar chose not to sell off all the lumber from their surrounding woods, effective rendering the land barren. Instead, she convinced him to sell off one of the Three Singers, the famous weirwoods in Highgarden's godswood. The luxury material was a suitable payment for the Dornish.

Melessa acted as the ruling Lady of Highgarden in the months following the trade negotiations, Olyvar being forced away to negotiate further contracts with fellow Reach lords. Riots in Highgarden grew due to hunger and Melessa sent Elyana to be a ward in King's Landing under Meredyth. She discovered she was pregnant around the same time, at first swearing the maester to silence.