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Mellara Tyrell is the youngest child of Lord Baelor Tyrell. She was taken as a ward of Robert Manderly at Highgarden, and then Lord Gylen Hightower at Oldtown, where she later died.


Mellara Tyrell was a short, skinny, unathletic girl from Highgarden. Throughout her childhood she was known for sticking her nose into other's business, and she tended to eavesdrop despite her father's scoldings.

Recent History

First Era

Mellara was captured by Thaddius Lannister , along with her brothers Benjen Tyrell and Troy Tyrell outside of Oldtown. While being escorted to the capital, she watched as Benjen killed Troy after they were forced to fight to the death. She was a prisoner at the Red Keep for the duration of the Ascent of the Lion.

Second Era

After the war's conclusion, Robert Manderly was given Highgarden. He was to marry Maude Tyrell to solidify his claim, but the oldest Tyrell daughter committed suicide. Meredyth Tyrell was wed to him in her sister's place and Mellara was taken back to Highgarden as a ward.

Third Era

After Robert Manderly's death near the beginning of the third era, Mellara was separated from her remaining siblings in Highgarden and taken to Old Town by Lord Gerold Hightower.

Fourth Era

It was discovered at the end of the fourth era that Mellara was imprisoned and tortured at Highgarden for close to two years. She became only a shell of her former self.

Mellara was disemboweled, burned alive, and hung from the massive tower in Old Town, the act being a ruse meant to goad King Damon Lannister into believing that his sister Ashara Lannister had been killed.

Fifth Era

A newly-built motherhouse in King's Landing was named in Mellara's memory.

Family Members

Baelor Tyrell, father (deceased)

Olyvar Tyrell, brother

Maude Tyrell, sister (deceased)

Meredyth Tyrell, sister

Troy Tyrell, brother (deceased)

Benjen Tyrell, brother (deceased)