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Merianne Tyrell was the eldest child and only daughter of Lord Paramount Theodore Tyrell, born in 432 AC. Her siblings are Hoster and Luthor Tyrell.

She became the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms in 453 AC, after marrying King Orys II Baratheon. She is the mother of Renly Baratheon.


Following the War of the Split Stag, Merianne was initially betrothed to the heir of Oldtown, "Young" Garth Hightower, as a way for the two houses to reunite from fighting for opposite sides in the civil war. This was one of several betrothals Lord Theodore arranged to reunify the Reach.

During the Tourney of Longtable in 456 AC, Ser Colen Baratheon wished to name Merianne the Queen of Love and Beauty were he to win the joust.

Merianne died young in 462 AC.