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Myr is one of the Free Cities, renown for lace and green nectar.

The inhabitants of the city are renowned for being great craftsmen. Its main exports are its finished goods, such as its carpets and lace. The best glass comes from Myr; a clear pane is worth its weight in spice. The best far-eyes are also made in Myr, and are as a result known as Myrish eyes. Myr produces gowns made of Myrish lace. The city also has artisans skilled in creating crossbows and carving.

The city is located on the mainland of Essos, on the eastern shore of the Sea of Myrth, and is ruled by magisters. It has its own language, a distinctly corrupt dialect of High Valyrian. Most native Myrmen are dark-haired and dark-eyed.

Important Events

Second Era

Khal Joro attempted to sack Myr in the War of the New Princes - however his army was taken from behind at unawares - which ultimately ended in a defeat for the Dothraki. The horselord's braid was cut by Ulrich Dayne, Sword of the Morning, and as a result the Dornish man was heralded a hero.

Third Era

With distrust brewing against the ruling Magisters after the Sack of Myr, an ambitious and nefarious nobleman named Syrio took the opportunity to lead a coup and gain control of the Free City for himself. At first, his actions were perceived to be beneficial for Myr but soon ulterior motives came into play, the self-titled High Magister's lust for power becoming evident.

He took several highborn wards to act as hostages to ensure his rule was not contested by various noble families and refused to allow others to rule beside him, as had been the custom for centuries. Syrio's poor concept of rebuilding the Valyrian Freehold was met with criticism and competition from both inside Myr and other Free Cities, who were troubled with the idea of another power-hungry Magister so soon after the Sealord's conquests.

Syrio managed to gain an alliance, albeit a shaky one, with Lys after marrying his daughter to Prince Varyo Velaryon's nephew, Aedan Ormollen.

Fourth Era

After Syrio's return from Lys, the fourth era saw a continued emergence of antagonism and misgiving against the High Magister. Syrio himself became more paranoid, distrusting all those but his closest allies. He rarely emerges from the Magisterial Palace, fearful of assassination attempts.