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Myrcella Rogers is the daughter of the late Lord Henry Rogers of the Amberly and his wife Alysanne Rogers. She is the twin to Myranda Rogers and married into House Buckler.


Twin to Myranda Rogers. Second or third born of Alysanne's children.

Important Events 

First Era

Myranda and Myrcella Rogers stayed in the Amberly.

Second Era

Myranda and Myrcella Rogers mourned their father and elder brother's death.

Third Era

Myrcella and Myranda Rogers started getting into outdoor hobbies like horse riding and hawking. They would often sneak out into the stables and play sword games with the Blacksmith's apprentice.

Fourth Era

When their mother reluctantly participated in the Council of Storm's End along with other former Stag supporters. The twins enjoyed the company of their relative, Lewys Penrose as well as the handsome Corliss Caron.

Fifth Era

Myrcella and Myranda Rogers were abducted bandits on their way from Lord Brynden Frey's wedding to Alicent Baelish. They were soon rescued by Frey men looking to clear the Riverlands of bandits.

Sixth Era

Myrcella was betrothed to Thoros Buckler. She was sent to Bronzegate to get acquainted with her Betrothed for the rest of the era.

Sevent Era

Myrcella married Thoros Buckler.

Eighth Era

Myrcella attended Alyn Connington's funeral at Griffin's Roost without her husband. She was accompanied by her nephew by marriage Andar Buckler, who is the same age as her. The two have an unspoken attraction to each other.


Henry Rogers, father-deceased

Godric Rogers, brother- deceased

Myranda Rogers, twin sister

Alysanne Rogers, mother

Edric Rogers, brother -current lord of the Amberly