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Myrenda is the girlhood friend of Ashara Lannister, alongside serving as her cofferer and closest confidant. She is also the lover of Gilbert Shermer, the Captain of Oldtown's City Watch.


Myrenda was raised on the docks of Lannisport, working aboard her father's fishing boat which gave her the opportunity to explore the different cultures of the Seven Kingdoms. No matter where they went, however, Myr's family always found their way back to the land of the Lannisters.

Not much is known about Myr's family. She has never mentioned her mother but has mentioned having an older sister of six years who married a landed knight in the Westerlands. Myrenda stays in regular contact with her father who still continues traveling the seas of the kingdoms, catching and gutting fish.

At some point, she befriended Ashara Lannister who attempted to purchase a fish with more coin than necessary. The two girls hit it off instantly, despite being brought up differently.

Seventh Era

Eight Era


"My only skills lie in fish gutting and acquiring coin." - in conversation with Ashara

Family members

Unnamed father

Unnamed mother

Gilbert Shermer, lover