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The Night's Watch is a military order dedicated to holding the Wall, the immense fortification on the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms, defending the realms of men from what lies beyond it. The order's foundation dates back to the Age of Heroes, at the time when the Others were pushed back. The men of Night's Watch wear only black, and they are known as black brothers.

Notable Members

Recent Lord Commanders

  • Lord Osmund Baratheon, ???th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. One of the thirteen Baratheons responsible for the murder of King Orys Baratheon. Osmund, however, later admitted to the plot and was sent to the Wall as leniency. The other twelve were beheaded and quartered.
  • Lord Hoster II Tully, 1007th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. He joined the Night's Watch in shame after losing the Twins to Randyll Frey. His watch ended when he threw himself from the Wall, committing suicide.
  • Lord Rhaegar Targaryen, 1008th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. He harbored a lust for the Iron Throne and was overthrown and executed by Artos Harclay for his crimes.
  • Lord Artos Harclay, 1009th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Began reconstruction of the Nightfort before his reign as Lord Commander.


Castle Black

Shadow Tower



Former Brothers

  • Dywen, a ranger from the Shadow Tower. Died while attempting to kill Lord Commander Rheager II Targaryen.
  • Ser Joss Buckwell, commander at the Shadow Tower.
  • Rolf, a recruit at Castle Black. Died during a wildling attack while on a ranging.
  • Victarion Blacktyde, was Castle Black's Master-at-Arms prior to his death.