Orin Baratheon

Orin Baratheon was the Grand Maester on the small council of the late King Harys Baratheon.


Born Orin Baratheon of Storm's End, Orin spent much of his youth reading, studying the natural world, and swordplay. At the age of four and ten, Orin left for The Citadel to begin his training to become a Maester.

Over the course of many years Orin moved up the ranks, earning links in history, ravenry, astronomy, medicine, economics, and the study of magic. Shortly after Harys Baratheon's ascension to the Iron Throne, the conclave decided that Orin would become the next Grand Maester.

At the start of the first era he was eight and fifty years old.

Recent History

First Era

In the first era, Orin served on the Small Council of King Harys Baratheon. At the Tourney of Harrenhal, he sought out the Targaryen sisters and volunteered to take them to Essos to unlock the magic of their dragons and retake the Iron Throne for their family. Aeslyn Targaryen decided not to join him, choosing instead to remain in Westeros and marry Damon Lannister hoping to wed herself to the wealth of his house. Danae Targaryen decided to go with the Grand Maester despite her reservations and suspicions about his motives. Orin traveled with Danae, Summer Steelsong, and James Rivers across the narrow sea. 

Second Era

When Prince Aryyn Martell passed, Orin began writing letters to his daughter, Sarella Martell, asking for her support of Danae Targaryen as Queen. After Danae was badly injured in Volantis, Sarella welcomed the group to Sunspear. At the Princess' wedding, Orin spoke to King Damon Lannister, who questioned his loyalty to the throne in light of his absence. Orin voiced his support of Danae as queen in place of her sister, causing the King to become even more suspiscious of the stag maester. He voiced his concerns to the Hand of the King, Loren Lannister , and the Master of Whisperers, Rymar Royce, and the trio decided to assasinate him.

Thinking that his death could possibly prompt Danae to flee, abandoning her betrothal to the King, they waited until after the wedding and then Lord Rymar arranged for the Grand Maester to be abducted and thrown from a cliff into the sea to drown.


"Orin was strapping for a man of the Citadel, his stature betraying his blood, the same that flowed through Renly's veins. The two were similar in that regard, but while Renly's hair was still as dark as a raven's feathers, the Grandmaester's was speckled white at his temples and above his ears, like snow on soot. His most distinguishing feature, however, was not the broadness of his shoulders but their crookedness. His delivery had been clumsy, and one stood higher than the other." - Thoughts of Renly Baratheon


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