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Ser Ormund Dondarrion is a member of House Dondarrion and the younger brother of Lord Uthor Dondarrion of Blackhaven. After a dispute with his brother, Ormund was exiled to the Wall where he has risen in the ranks to be a respected officer.


In many ways, Ormund followed in his brother Uthor's footsteps. He trained to for knighthood and warfare from a young age and he often tested his steel in minor conflicts in the Red Mountains. However, he never received the same attention and grooming as his brother Uthor and resented it from a young age.

Due to Uthor's tight lips and Ormund's absence, the details of the conflict are uncertain, but over twenty years ago, Ormund challenged his older brother to a duel in Blackhaven's main hall. Ormund was defeated. He was allowed to live, but was left with an ugly scar and exiled to the Wall.

In the cold starkness of the North, Ormund's dour nature grew even harder. He has since developed an affinity for the Old Gods. His training, knighthood, and education made him a valuable ranger, and over the years he has proven to be reliable, though some of his brothers continue to describe him as suspect.

Recent Events

Fifth Era

When Lord Commander Artos Harclay traveled to Whitetree to investigate reports of a King Beyond the Wall, he named Ser Ormund acting Lord-Commander.


“He’s a strong man. And he’ll do his duty.” - Artos Harclay