Orson Blackwood

Ser Orson Blackwood is a knight of House Blackwood. He is sixteen years old.


As a boy Orson visited Riverrun with his father to secure the hand of the Frey lord's daughter to his brother Emmett Blackwood, but they were turned away.

Recent History

First Era:

Orson squired for lord Randyll Frey and accompanied him to the Red Keep for the King's feast early in the first era. Later, Orson was knighted by Randyll Frey before the lord and his forces turned their coats and laid siege against their liege lord Marq Baelish in Harrenhal.

Randyll's siege failed however and the lord and many of his men were killed or captured. Orson managed to avoid capture and escaped into the Riverlands.

Second Era:

During the second era Orson was found to be traveling west with a priestess of R'hllor named Rohanne.

Fourth Era:

Near the end of the fourth era, Orson and Rohanne had been joined by two other travelers, Morrec and a boy named Sand. They were now traveling north.


“You would look away from the light, ser? The night is far more terrifying than I.”

“Dark and full of terrors. There is some honour in facing that.” - Ser Orson Blackwood in response to Rohanne

Family Members

Emmett Blackwood, brother

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