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Orys Baratheon, also known as “The Patient,” ruled from 438-442 AC. He was born in 363, and his throat was slit at the hands of his family to restore order to family line after unusual longevity of Trystane Baratheon at age 79


- Served as Hand of the King since his father’s blinding at tender age of 16, and practically ruled the Realm in his father’s stead. He never complained about his father’s disability or longevity and was harsh to those who called him the true king while he was not. - Iron willed, and Just like Stannis. He used the many (legitimate) products of his father’s loins to secure peace with many houses, major and minor, throughout his years.

- By the time he finally took the Throne, he was also an old man, nearly as old as his father, but still as strong as ever. His many siblings and nephews were concerned about the Baratheon line as Kings. Perhaps Orys was a competent ruler in his old age, but that couldn't always be the case, and if they kept living long and old, every new king would be coronated in his old age. 13 stags took an oath to secrecy and family and made a great sacrifice to restore the Baratheon line. They organized and plotted the death of Orys. As to not have their names tainted by the Father as kinslayers, they convinced a foolish Gold Cloak into slitting the King’s throat suddenly and without warning while he was walking through King’s Landing with his family. They anticipated for everything and could bend the plans and organization of the King’s guard as they pleased due to their influence and the delusional trust between them and the King. Orys and his murderer were killed. It was only a week after that one of the Stags, Osmund Baratheon, a cousin to Orys’s grandson, admitted to the plot and named the other 12 responsible. Osmund was allowed to go to the Wall where he served as Lord Commander later. The rest, now known as the Treacherous Twelve, were beheaded and quartered.