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Owen Gargalen is the fourth child and only son of the late Lord Perros Gargalen and his wife Lady Loreza. His older sister is Obara Gargalen, the current Lady of Salt Shore.

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Owen grew up in Salt Shore with his sisters. Unlike his sisters who were all proficient fighters, Owen was a pacifist as he disliked to fight. He would always skip his training in order to read or helping to assist Maester Humfrey. Due to this he was always picked on by his older sisters for being too weak or for having a large intellect. He wishes to study at the Citadel and to become a maester. He has a rivalry with his older sister, Sylvia.

Recent Events

Eighth Era

His father, Perros passes away forcing his sister Obara to take on the lordship. He starts befriending the household maester, Humfrey and wishes to learn more about the world. When Obara, Ravella and his mother Loreza leave to attend trade talks in Starfall, Sylvia abandons her duties forcing him to take over running Salt Shore. Once Obara comes back, she is furious and lectures both of them. Sylvia is ordered to go to Sunspear and Obara talks to him about him possibly going to Oldtown. However Ravella ends up falling ill and having a miscarriage, putting a larger strain on House Gargalen. He becomes overly emotional and swearing to kill Ravella's former paramour for hurting her in the heat of the moment which causes Sylvia to fight him and for Ravella to stop talking to him. Once he calmed down, he realizes his mistakes.


“It’s a good book. It’s easy to get lost in the words and story line, that’s how you know it’s good.” - Owen talking to Loreza about a book he was reading as he comes in late for supper.

“Oh shut it! You’re barely a man, you’ve only got one chest hair and the only kiss that you’ve received from a woman is from our mother-” - Sylvia arguing with Owen.

“Are you assuming that I’ve never been kissed by anyone else? It’s not very wise to assume, sis.” - Owen's comeback at Sylvia's retort.

“Well you are rather smart for your age, that’s absolutely reasonable. The Citadel would be a rather nice fit for you.” - Ser Davyn Gargalen complimenting Owen's intelligence as he gives him advice.

“I’ll find a way! If not by steel, I’m sure that there’s plenty of scorpions creeping about these sands to take down a fully grown man!” - Owen emotionally breaking down and swearing to bring harm to Ravella's former lover after her miscarriage.

“I’m also very sorry for lashing out as such at Ravella’s sickbed. It was uncalled for and I didn’t mean it of course. I say dumb things sometimes. You all mean a lot to me… She’s refusing to even speak with me…”  - Owen apologizing to Obara about his behavior.