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Parmen was born the natural son of Lord Mace Roxton. His half-brother, Jonothor Roxton, is the current Lord of the Ring.

Following Olyvar Tyrell's elevation to Lord of Highgarden, Parmen was offered the historcally lifetime appointed position of Lord Seneschal of Highgarden, in order to solidify the Roxton's support for House Tyrell.

He was named the castellan of the castle and lands during Lord Tyrell's extended stay in Oldtown in 511 and 512 AC. Upon Olyvar's return, however, it was brought to light that Highgarden's food reserves were severely depleted under Parmen's supervision. Lord Tyrell dismissed Parmen Flowers from his service following the mishap immediately, however he allowed Parmen to remain at Highgarden until such a time as he could receive safe passage back to the Ring and his kin. He eventually returned to his home alongside his half-brother, Lord Roxton.