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Patrek Baratheon is a hedge knight of nine and ten, and the son of Joseph Baratheon. His was last seen in Essos, attempting to garner the support of his uncle Cleos Baratheon for his bid for the Iron Throne.


Patrek Baratheon was born to Joseph Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End, Master of Laws, and younger brother to the then King of Westeros. His mother's identity is currently unknown.

Important Events

First Era

After learning of his father's death at the hands of Damon Lannister during the Ascent of the Lion, Patrek fled Westeros.

Realizing that he was rightfully King, he began to make his way to Dragonstone to gain support from his uncle, Lord Edric Baratheon. On his way, he heard about Orys Connington's treachery and changed course to look for his other uncle Cleos. However, upon hearing about Cleos' apparent death while fleeing from the Stormlands and Edric's death in the taking of Dragonstone by Danae Targaryen, Patrek made his way to Essos, instead.

Third Era

Patrek reunited with Cleos, who had fashioned himself as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. The two butted heads. Cleos pretended to back Patrek's claim, sending him off to find sellswords for the cause, but secretly only wished to be rid of his rambunctious nephew.



Joseph Baratheon, father (deceased)

Harys Baratheon, uncle (deceased)

Edric Baratheon, uncle (deceased)

Cleos Baratheon, uncle 

Rickon Baratheon, cousin (deceased)