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Perros Gargalen was the former Lord of Salt Shore and of House Gargalen. He was married to Loreza Ladybright and had five children with her. His daughter, Obara Gargalen is the current Lady of Salt Shore. He was the eldest son of Lord Morion Gargalen and his wife Lady Allyria.

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Perros grew up in Salt Shore along with his younger siblings, Ser Daeron Gargalen and Elia Sand. He had a terrible rivalry with his half-sister, Elia Sand due to their father's constant doting over Elia as she was the daughter of his favorite paramour. Perros and Daeron were many raised by their mother, Allyria who took over the running of Salt Shore as Perros' regent once Morion had die whilst he was still a boy. Once he had been of age, he took full responsibility for his lands whilst Allyria became a trusted advisor. He married Loreza Ladybright, now Loreza Gargalen out of love and had five children with her. His mother died when his eldest daughter, Obara was seven years of age.

Recent Events

Second Era

Perros fights in Essos alongside much of Dorne to take out Braavosi forces on the plains of Vasugys.

Fifth Era

Perros fights alongside his daughter, Obara against the Yronwoods when they rebelled against House Martell.

Eighth Era

Perros passes away during a sudden a horse riding accident causing Obara to inherit the lordship. He was meeting with his sister, Elia at the time when a snake struck his steed causing him to fall off and get trampled over.


“You are a daughter of Nymeria, Obara. You and your sisters. Don’t forget. You must bow to no one.” - Lord Perros to his daughter, Obara when she was a child.

“And I think Lord Perros would proud to see his family live on and thrive. The new Lady of Salt Shore has been handling affairs quite well I have been told.” - Lord Eustace Toland in regards to Perros and Obara.

“Please consider. Don’t do it just for the financial benefits but do it for the sake of kindness. That’s what your father would have done.” - Maester Humfrey reminding Obara of her father's kindness as he tries to convince her to join in on Lady Arianne Dayne's trade deal with the Reach.

"You’re just like your father, you know that Obara. Same humor and the same stubbornness too.” - Lady Loreza comparing Obara to Perros.