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Quellon Goodbrother is the son of Lord Gelmar Goodbrother. He has eyes like coal and long hair that is even darker, swept about a comely face.


As a child Quellon had a round face, covered in pimples and blisters. He was often picked on and Gwin Greyjoy remembers calling him "Pesty Poxbrother."

Recent History

Fourth Era

Quellon arrived at Pyke with his father. Upon their first meeting he seemed smitten with Gwin Greyjoy, and had apparently been harboring a crush since childhood. Gwin initially rejected his advances, but relented after a night of drinking.

Family Members

Gelmar Goodbrother, father

Ralf Goodbrother, brother


“Your face isn’t covered in pimples anymore, either,” she added, then glanced over his slender frame with boredom. “Though you still look as though I could snap you in two if I tried.” - Gwin Greyjoy speaking to Quellon