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Quentyn Wylde was a member of House Wylde and ruled as Lord of Rain House from 440 AC to his death in 495 AC. He was married to Tyana Bolling and had three sons by her; Criston, Barristan and Armond.


Born in 439 AC to Lord Damon Wylde and his wife, Lady Ravella. He was heir to Rain House upon his birth, and became lord at the age of 1 when his father died unexpectedly. His mother sat as his regent until his coming of age.

He married Tyana Bolling in 462 AC, and would have three sons with her. His eldest son, Criston, would die before him, leaving his second son, Barristan, as heir to Rain House. Although he had given Barristan leave to study at the Citadel, he called him back to take up the lordship instead.

Quentyn died in 495 AC, two months before the birth of his twin grandchildren, Bethany and Lancel.