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Quentyn of Tarth is a knight of the Kingsguard, most often accompanying King Damon Lannister.


Quentyn was born the third son to Selywn II of Tarth. He is the youngest child only after being born a few minutes after his sister Jeyne of Tarth. Since Quentyn knew he wouldn't inherit any lands or his father's titles (not that he would want to anyways) he decided to put all his efforts into becoming skilled with his sword. Since the time he could walk, he was given a blade and taught how to use it. Despite his teachings from the Master at Arms, Quentyn took to fighting dirty. As Quentyn grew up, he didn't care for learning how to read or write, but was forced by his father to at least learn the basics.

Jeyne and Quentyn were always unusally close to one another. Being twins, they found themselves doing a lot together until the day Quentyn was asked to join the Kingsguard. He was sad to leave his sister behind, but also happy to get away from home. He has been shown to be an unscrupulous knight, and is often used to perform the crown's "dirty work."

Quentyn has dirty blonde hair that he usually keeps cut short. He has light green eyes. His face is smooth when kept shaved, but sometimes lets stubble grow out. Quentyn has a few light scars upon his face and body from the many fights he has been in. He stands at a good 6'3" with a well muscled body that he keeps in check with his training, and is 28 years old.

Important Events 

First Era

Quentyn spent the first era on Tarth with his family.

Second Era

Quentyn was appointed to King Damon Lannister's Kingsguard at the start of the second era. His reputation for willingness to perform less valiant acts led King Damon to prefer his company over other knights of the order and rely on him for some of the less honorable deeds he required doing. It was Ser Quentyn who broke Jojen Stark's fingers at the tournament of the Vale at the King's command in order to take back the ring that Thaddius Lannister had given him as a token of his affections. 

Third Era

In the third era, Quentyn continued to be one of the knights most often at King Damon's side, along with Ser Ryman Sunglass. He was asked to interrogate the Lord Commander Ulrich Dayne after the Dragonslayer was accused of breaking his oaths. 


"The dumb, vain Stormlander knight with the suit of white-gold steel had given [ Titus ] the King's orders..." - Blood and Whispers


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